Alison Rockett Quinn

Name: Alison Rockett Quinn, married name is Larkin

Hometown: NYC/Southborough/Hopedale/Newton/Boston

Position: Speech-Language Pathologist

Educational Background: Bachelors of Science in Communication Disorders at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Masters in Speech-Language Pathology / Counseling at New York University

Years at the NECP: This is my 20th!

What do you love most about working with the children at the NECP? Everything! I love the excitement that every day brings. Working with preschoolers is certainly full of new surprises every day, year after year. It is an incredible feeling to help children communicate. It is wonderful to hear updates from former NECP families either when they visit or bumping into them at Whole Foods! The population of the children at NECP is incredibly diverse in so many ways.

What's a typical day for a Speech & Language Pathologist at the NECP? Lots of running around! We have our great new space this year so we're moving even more carrying bags of materials and tests all around the building. SLPs work with the children both inside and outside of the classrooms. I love participating in morning meeting, snack, my own "wake up face" circle, cooking, and lots of playing! In addition to their classroom caseloads, the NECP SLPs see children for assessments and groups.

What do you feel makes the NECP unique? The staff! We are lucky to have each other. Going from my 20s to my 40s here has meant many years of laughs and great people. Oops, did I just tell you I was in my 40s - I started working here when I was 10, not 20...

What are your hobbies and other interests? I love spending time with my family. My husband John, daughter Quinn, dog Clancy and extended family all love being at the beach anytime, but especially in the summer. You'll find us over the bridge after the last day of school in June! Weekends are spent enjoying being outside in any weather, especially with Clancy. During non-work time, I also like to visit with friends, read, skate/ski, swim, and cook.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher or therapist - and here I am! While working here at NECP, I have also worked as a SLP in Early Intervention, private practice and hospital settings. My sister and I both wanted to be teachers - she is in Early Childhood too - on Martha's Vineyard, another favorite spot.

What's something that's on your bucket list? Definitely more traveling (and speaking more languages!) Although, I also want to slow down and enjoy every day too!